Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Episode with Matthew and Jessica 11/18/15

Join Matthew Stelzner and Jessica Garfield Kabarra for another deep dive into the Archetypal cosmos. This episode we focus much of our discussion on the Saturn-Neptune archetype (currently being lit up by the Sun and Mercury) and the ways it is coming through both collectively (in the recent terrorist attacks around the world and their tragic impact on all of us) as well as on the individual level with so many of us working with a grief process or other “tests of consciousness.” Jessica brings up a beautiful metaphor for understanding the way Saturn is the accrual of patterns of wisdom (or challenging habits that are hard to move beyond) that are like the quality of the “thread count” with which we weave our experience of life. We also give time to the Uranus-Pluto archetype, and Matthew explores the correlations to the recent sad story of Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of National Geographic magazine, amongst other topics.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Correlations is back after a two year Hiatus!  We've got new technology, and the podcast is now a live webinar which is open to the public (friend me on Facebook for announcements).  This means the podcast will now be uploaded to Youtube with all of the charts recorded onto the video.  This means this space will become more minimalistic, with just the embedded Youtube videos, and no descriptions or charts.  The notes for each Youtube video will have a brief description of what was discussed, as will the links posted through my Facebook page.  I'm so happy to be back recording again, and excited to share the joy of archetypal astrology with you again.  Below, please find the four  episodes recorded in the last two months, and in the future, I will just post the latest videos without any fanfare.

Blessings, Matthew