Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Disclosure Episode #3

This is Episode 3 of the mini-series, "Disclosure." Please remember that each episode released, makes most sense, as part of a larger unfolding arc. In this episode, under the large Pisces Stellium, ​Matthew Stelzner and Jessica DiRuzza enter into a healing reverie state. Playing with the present archetypal energies and one another, a space is opened for an adventure in consciousness. Discussion of synastry and the necessity and magic of this form of correspondence is opened up.

Disclosure: Episode #2

We continue the celebration of the 7th Anniversary of Correlations in our mini series called, "Disclosure". Jessica DiRuzza (formerly Garfield-Kabbara) is the new host and is joined by Matthew Stelzner. In episode 2 we discuss the role of the astrologer in session work and in society. We question the place of astrology in academia, and share what it was like for us as practicing astrologers to take the paths we took into this sacred practice, both the gifts and challenges on the long evolving road. We vulnerably disclose our relationship to archetypal astrology and how and why it has changed over recent times.