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Episode #2 Recorded 2/26/2011

The second episode of Correlations went really well.  I was joined again by Delia Shargel, and this time we also had good friends Chad Harris and Jessica Garfield Kaberra rounding out the team.  We're starting to find our groove, and this time we settled into what is likely to be the more regular format.  There are two segments that are each about an hour and 10 minutes long.  In the first segment we all share our favorite astrological correlations from the recent weeks, with many fine examples.  Chad focuses in on the revolution in Tunisia, Jessica brings in the music of Michael Franti and the comedy of Lucille Ball, Delia brings in the chart of a Nazi hunter, and I bring in a song from Aimee Mann and also look at the chart of actor James Franco.  In the second segment, "Honoring the Gods," we focus on two archetypes that were in the sky at the time of the recording, the Mars-Neptune combination (we discuss the chart for the founder of Aikido as well as the chart of Dan Millman), and the Moon-Pluto combo (looking at Mary Tyler Moore's chart and the Hindu "hugging saint" Ammachi's chart).  Below, I break down the discussion so that you can go exactly to any part of the recording that you are most interested in.  There are also copies of most of the charts that we discussed, several YouTube clips, as well as outside links to articles discussed.

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Segment One

00:00-  Introductions and overview

04:40-  Chad discusses the situation in the Middle East, focusing on the revolution in Tunisia, and the chart of Mohamed Bouazizi (Chart and link to 60 minutes piece on Tunisia below)

18:15- Jessica brings in the chart of artist Michael Franti, and plays a piece of music representative of his Sun-Mars conjunction: "Hey World" (Chart and YouTube video below)

28:50- I bring in a piece of music by the artist Aimee Mann, her song "Wise Up," that was featured in Paul Thomas Anderson's film "Magnolia."  We watch the scene from the film that featured this song, and discuss her chart.  If you haven't seen Magnolia you may want to skip this part of the podcast, and maybe listen to the song on it's own.  Below I have embedded a YouTube video of the scene from the film, and another version that just has the song with the lyrics.  Charts for Mann and Anderson are also below.

42:50- Delia brings in the chart of Tuviah Friedman (chart below), famous Nazi Hunter, and we discuss his natal Saturn square Pluto aspect.  We explore the nature of the Shadow and the potential for either being possessed by it or facing and integrating it.

52:10-  Jessica brings in the chart of her beloved Lucille Ball.  We discuss her natal Mars-Saturn square Sun natal aspect.  Ball's chart and a representative example from her show are below.

57:30-   I discuss an article I read about the actor James Franco which describes how he is currently enrolled in four different graduate school programs, and I link this to his natal Mercury-Pluto opposition. Franco's chart and a link to the article are below.

Segment Two: "Honoring The Gods"

1:12:15- Introduction and then focus on Mars-Neptune archetype.  I give an overview description of the combination, and then we go into the example of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.  We look at a video clip (embedded below) of Ueshiba performing his Aikido moves.  We also discuss the transit he had at the time of his first very powerful spiritual experience that lead to the birth of this new approach to martial arts (and to also to life in general).

1:22:37- Chad, Jessica, and Delia share their thoughts on the Mars-Neptune archetype.  I then briefly bring in the chart of Dan Millman, the author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior," who, like Ueshiba, also has Mars square Neptune.

1:42:10- We start to explore the Moon-Pluto archetype.  We discuss this combination on a number of levels, looking at both it's highest potential as well as its shadow side.  We bring in the specific examples of the Hindu "hugging saint" Ammachi, and Mary Tyler Moore (charts below).

2:11:00- The Mary Tyler Moore example with a clip from the film "Ordinary People."  This clip, as well as an interview with Moore discussing the role, are embedded below.

2:20:00- I make a prediction about the Oscars.

Delia Shargel, MFT, has been studying archetypal astrology with Richard Tarnas since 1995. She received her M.A. in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and has been in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist in San Francisco since 2001. She specializes in depth work with individuals and couples, and can be reached at or (415) 978-9220.

Time from B.C.

Jessica Garfield-Kabbara has been studying astrology since 2007. She is a practicing archetypal astrologer, doing joint readings with her partner Chad Harris in San Francisco. She is also a faculty member of the Institute of Archetypal Cosmology. Contact information is

Time from B.C.

Chad Harris has been studying astrology for the last 14 years. He is on the faculty and is technical director at the Institute of Archetypal Cosmology.  For the past 7 years he has been a teaching assistant for Richard Tarnas at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  He does joint readings with his partner Jessica Garfield-Kabbara in San Francisco.  Contact information is 

Time from B.C.

Time from B.C.

Segment One

Data from Wikipedia, no birth time so natal chart cast for noon.

Click here for a great piece from "60 Minutes" on the revolution in Tunisia.

Data from Wikipedia, no birth time so natal chart cast for noon.

Data from Wikipedia, no time, so chart is cast for noon.

Data from Wikipedia, no birth time, so chart is cast for noon.

Astrodatabank AA data

Data from Wikipedia, no time, so chart is cast for noon

For the New York Magazine article on James Franco that I discuss, please click here.

Segment Two

Data from Wikipedia, no time, so chart is cast for noon.

Data from Wikipedia, no time, so chart is cast for noon.

Data from Astrodatabank, B data.

Data from Astrodatabank.  AA data

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